Employability, Transversal and Soft Skills | FINDE.U Virtual International Job Fair| On-line, 17:30 May 30 2016

Based on the opinion of more than 800 employers and other studies conducted over 20 years, Diana Aguiar Vieira will answer the following questions:

    Soft Skills, hard skills and transversal skills: Are they different?

    What are the most valued skills by employers?

    How to develop these skills?

    How highlight them in CV or a job interview?

This workshop is integrated in the FINDE.U Virtual International Job Fair


Alumni Relations and Employability | 1st ICAReAlumni | Porto, 5 maio 2016

Diana has been passionately dedicated to enhancing graduates’ employability for almost two decades. She started to help graduates in the context of Career Development Offices in Higher Education Institutions (HEIs). In the last years she has been developing a more integrated approach linked to Alumni Relations.