About me

My name is Diana Aguiar Vieira. I am a psychologist  – PhD from University of Porto (Portugal)  – and life & career coach.

Teaching in Higher Education and helping people to live better lives – in academic, professional or personal terms – are activities that I have passionately done since the beginning of my career.

Over the years that I worked as a Psychologist, I witnessed positive changes in the lives of many of my clients. In the recent years, I changed from psychotherapy to coaching sessions in which I combine my experience and knowledge in psychology with the practice of coaching.

Another of my professional passions is doing research. My master thesis was dedicated to the study of interpersonal relationships and I created a social skills program. During the PhD I researched about the employability of higher education graduates.

Over the years I have received numerous contacts requesting articles, book chapters, videos or other products of my work. One of the aims of this site is to facilitate and speed up the response to such requests.

Although living in Portugal, I decided to translate this site to the English language to reach out a greater number of people. In fact, some contents of this site were originally written in English language and more materials are being prepared.

The name of this site wants to convey two ideas in which I profoundly believe:

Be you – the best way to “be more” is the one that respects our nature and our life values

Be more – all people have the potential for “being more”; each person may change, develop and be happier!

Whether in the academic, professional or personal domain, I hope this site can be helpful to you!